What to stream this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Hulu, Paramount+ and more

It’s the weekend at last! It’s getting nice and warm outside, but after having fun in the sun, it’s a great time to catch up on all the countless shows and movies currently airing – and this weekend is amazing.

Each week I find all the best new shows and movies to stream on all your favorite streaming services and compile them all into one list. There are two sections. One for new stuff and one for ongoing shows I’m covering or watching.

This weekend we have a new Arnold Schwarzenegger spy show, a new WWII action movie, and a fun new show about magic and martial arts, plus so much more. Several shows are airing their season or series finales this weekend as well.

Let’s dive in!

New shows and movies

Chinese Born in the United States (Disney+)

With part of the cast of Everything, everywhere at once, this is another world-spanning magic and martial arts story, albeit one aimed at a younger audience. Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan are in this Disney+ series, which is exciting. The entire season is now over, with Disney releasing everything all at once rather than weekly as they normally do.

FUBAR (Netflix)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbarro star in this wacky spy show about a father and daughter who are undercover spies for the CIA. It sounds pretty silly, but also like a fun prank. And it’s been a while since I’ve seen Schwarzenegger in anything, so it’s fun.

Blood and Gold (Netflix)

This action movie in German could be called “There Must Be 50 Ways to Kill a Nazi”. Ultra-violence, crazy action and imaginative deaths for the Nazi scoundrels who are blown up, set on fire, shot, etc.

Being Mary Tyler Moore (HBO Max)

HBO’s documentary about Mary Tyler Moore will be released this weekend on HBO Max – er, just Max. But also on HBO. It’s confuse. I don’t like this rebranding at all! Either way, fans of one of the sitcom’s biggest stars will want to tune in to this one.

Continuous Shows

Succession / Barry (HBO)

The series finale for barry and the series finale for Succession both air on Sunday. I’m excited, but I also have quite mixed emotions. I’m sad about it Succession is ending. I will miss! And I’m not really feeling Barry’s fourth season. It feels like it should have ended in season three. There are still great moments, great performances, but it’s so bizarre. We’ll see if Bill Hader can pull it off.

Yellow Jackets (Showtime)

The end of season 2 of yellow jackets came out on Friday (and Sunday on regular TV) and it was really terrible, unfortunately. You can read my review here. What a huge disappointment this season has been.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

Of course, it could be worse: it could be Fear the walking dead, which is just terrible. The third episode premiered on AMC+ on Thursday and drops on AMC this Sunday. It really is an abysmal episode of television. You can read my review here.

From (MGM+)

Two other shows I’m following closely: In, which has been kind of bumpy the last few episodes. The MGM+ show debuts its sixth episode of season two on Sunday. My review of last week’s episode is easily the harshest of them all.

Love & Death (HBO)

Also, love and death on HBO, which is quite exciting with some wonderful performances. I’m not a big True Crime guy, but I like it when it’s this good.

Mrs. Davis (Peacock) / Silo (Apple TV) / The Great (Hulu)

I still need to enter Mrs. Davis in the peacock and Silo on Apple TV+ and has not yet started the new season of The big on Hulu. There just isn’t enough time! There’s never enough time and too many shows to juggle, but that’s going to change when three wrap up this weekend.

What are you watching these days? let me know about twitter or Facebook.

Speaking of TV shows, this fun little Willow tree The Twitter drama took me by surprise this week:

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