This Venice hotel is the ultimate wellness retreat and family resort

In the heart of the Venice Lagoon, on its own private island, the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa brilliantly combines two seemingly contradictory offerings: a serene wellness retreat and a dynamic family resort. On the luxuriously restored Isola delle Rose, the sprawling resort has positioned itself as a unique destination, blending sophisticated tranquility with a family-friendly vibe.

The hospitality world has traditionally perceived wellness retreats and family resorts as two distinct experiences with unique expectations and goals. Wellness retreats often promote solitude and introspection, surrounded by serene and calming atmospheres, providing restorative and rejuvenating experiences. On the other hand, family resorts thrive on vibrancy and engagement, full of shared activities that foster bonding and create lifelong memories.

However, the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa has challenged these traditional norms by creating a unique space where both experiences can thrive simultaneously, yet independently. The resort’s spatial design and programmatic offerings are key to maintaining this delicate balance.

The resort’s architecture and layout outline spaces for reflection and well-being, while providing areas filled with lively, family-oriented activities. Guests seeking relaxation and self-care can retreat to the spa’s sanctuary, where the tranquil environment, enriched by lush gardens and stunning lagoon views, promotes well-being and rejuvenation.

In line with its commitment to wellness, JW Venice Spa has redefined the spa experience in Venice. Martina Gramolazzi, Spa Director, emphasizes the integration of nature and serenity in her offerings. “Our eight treatment rooms are surrounded by gardens and walking trails overlooking the Venice skyline. Our recent partnership with BAKEL, a clean beauty brand, aligns perfectly with our ethos of delivering a high quality experience in a ‘clean environment’.”

Families, on the other hand, can access a number of engaging on-site activities, from cooking classes to LEGO-based educational games at the Kids Club. Excursions like Venetian scavenger hunts or gondola building workshops provide shared experiences that can involve the whole family, making it easy to learn and have fun.

The careful selection of activities and spatial organization ensures that the tranquility of the wellness areas is preserved and the lively energy of family activities is not subdued. This meticulous balance allows the resort to successfully blend two seemingly incompatible experiences into a single destination.

Two upcoming events highlight the dual appeal of the JW Marriott Venice. “Spa by Night”, starting the last Friday of each month, offers a unique wellness experience with yoga under the stars, sound therapy sessions with Tibetan chimes and post-wellness food and drinks. Meanwhile, the “Open Air Cinema”, held every Tuesday and Thursday, offers classic family films under the Venetian stars.

“Couples looking for a romantic spa getaway or families looking for a wide range of residential-style accommodation options will find our creative children’s program, bespoke family excursions and lush gardens alluring,” notes Cristiano Cabutti, general manager of the JW Marriott Venice. “Despite our proximity to the bustling Piazza San Marco, what guests appreciate most is the serene sense of space and tranquil views of the lagoons.”

Ultimately, the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa has masterfully intertwined the seemingly opposing worlds of wellness retreats and family resorts, creating a space where all guests, regardless of their preferences, can find their slice of Venetian paradise.

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