The Revelation of Fear The Walking Dead’s Priest Villain Is Incredibly Stupid

I’m running out of patience with fear the walking dead in its final season. Sure, I thought this show was rubbish from the middle of Season 4, but the fact that they haven’t learned or made any changes to improve things in all these years is just too much.

Three big things happened in ‘Odessa’:

  • Daniel returns. He is the “Commander” of a group of fathers fighting the Bird People. When he sees Madison – for the first time in a decade – who he thought was dead, he looks mildly surprised. Everyone is calling him this season. Daniel is also no longer suffering from dementia, which, uh, you know goes away with age. Or something.
  • We learn that Finch is still alive. The radiation worked. I assume it only works to prevent a bite from turning it, similar to how cutting off a limb prevents a bite from turning it. So it’s not really a cure, but just a treatment. He looks fine, so I guess the radiation wasn’t that bad?
  • Finally, we find out who the Padre is (although not really why the place and the person both are called that). He is Shrike’s brother, who we first meet in a flashback. Basically, their father is a great military man trying to make the apocalypse a better place and they follow him on a mission where he forgets his binoculars. The brother is so worried about this that he runs after him, is surrounded by walkers and his father appears and saves them, but dies in the process (as well as all his heavily armed soldiers, off-screen, in the space of two minutes… somehow).

This revelation is pretty stupid. The brother is the big bad guy, but he’s a total coward. He looks completely stupid and cowardly in the flashback, which doesn’t exactly inspire fear in the present. Why these two are kidnapping children and bringing them here is unclear. This wasn’t their father’s mission or what he told them to do when he died.

Other stupid crap:

  • When Madison asks June how her kids were after the stadium, June says they were unrecognizable, but she never seen nick after that point.
  • About a dozen times a group of characters with surprise weapons ambush another group from the bushes. I’m not even kidding. It is so bad.
  • I don’t understand how Mo knew something bad was happening on the train, or even where the train was. I don’t understand how she and Dove got past the guards and onto the train.
  • When they go to find out who the Priest is, they have Shrike hostage, but then they just agree to take Madison back to get bitten on the train. . . why? Did they forget they had a hostage? Good thing Commander Daniel was waiting to come out of the bushes and ambush Shrike and his people again!

I don’t know, guys. This is just truly awful television. It’s on another level altogether. Bringing Madison back was pointless. All these characters finding each other again after all these years is so silly. And why would Madison tell the people that Daniel has been leading this whole time that they should have Morgan as their leader? She barely knows Morgan. He was going to kill her last week. He is probably the worst leader in any Living Dead show – even worse than Rick Grimes!

The bigger question, however, is why AMC didn’t eliminate these showrunners and bring in someone competent. What a waste. This show stinks.

PS My bird’s name will be Pterodactyl. Readers have given me many, many great suggestions and I’ve been tempted by many of them, but I think picking this one means I won’t accidentally pick one made by a character on the show. Oh, and you have to pronounce the P. Puh-terodactyl. Like Gravity drop.

Pterodactyl out! (He said, leaving on his magical flying walkie-talkie to make up for all the bad things he’s done.)

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