Orcas sink boats in freak attacks, Bud Light sales continue to drop and the latest on Super Typhoon Mawar

The US and China show signs of growing distrust. Guam prepares for Super Typhoon Mawar. And the unusual attacks of orcas are puzzling scientists.

Here’s what to know today.

What will it take to thaw the icy US-China relationship?

Relations between the US and China have been a roller coaster ride, and there are signs of growing distrust.

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The February “spy balloon” incident resulted in Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceling a planned trip to Beijing. China apologized for the balloon, but later took a more defensive stance.

Beijing also reacted angrily to last week’s Group of Seven summit in Japan. Member countries pledged to cooperate economically with China, but to be stricter in areas such as “economic coercion”, human rights, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more.

Despite these tensions, President Joe Biden predicted a “very soon thaw” between the two countries. Furthermore, Beijing’s new ambassador arrived in Washington yesterday, striking a cautiously optimistic tone in his remarks.

Before high-level diplomacy can move forward – with one of Biden’s cabinet members visiting Beijing or a call between Biden and Xi – there are a number of hurdles that China believes need to be resolved, according to a Chinese diplomat, as well. such as public comments from Chinese media and state authorities.

Among them is the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the Chinese balloon shot down by the US. Another is the “false accusations”, as the diplomat put it, that China has been illegally operating police stations in New York and other parts of the world.

But favorable conditions will be difficult to achieve.

Guam braces for ‘triple threat’ from Super Typhoon Mawar

Winds of over 50 mph were felt and rain began to hit Guam this morning as Super Typhoon Mawar approached the island. The storm is expected to run through Wednesday afternoon or early evening local time and bring with it a “triple threat” of torrential rain, life-threatening thunderstorms and Category 4 hurricane-force winds, they said. authorities. President Joe Biden signed an emergency declaration yesterday, anticipating a potentially severe impact. Here’s the latest.

Driver in White House Crash Wanted to ‘Seize Power’

Court documents released yesterday revealed the motive of the 19-year-old man accused of deliberately driving a rental truck into a White House roadblock on Tuesday morning. Sai Varshith Kandula, who allegedly told authorities that he admired the Nazis, wanted to “enter the White House, seize power and be in charge of the nation,” according to a statement of facts. When asked how he would come to power, Kandula told officials he “would kill the president if that’s what I had to do”.

In the suburb of Chesterfield, in St. Louis, where Kandula lived, acquaintances struggled to link the alleged attack with the “cold” teenager they knew.

Elon Musk to Host DeSantis Announcement for 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will announce his presidential candidacy today during a discussion with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, three sources familiar with the plan said. The talk on Twitter Spaces will begin at 6 pm Eastern Time. While Musk said he has no plans to formally endorse DeSantis during the event, a source said his participation is seen as a clear sign of support for the governor.

A series of abnormal attacks by orcas puzzles scientists

Three recent incidents of orcas apparently attacking and sinking boats off the coast of Europe, including one this month, have caused a stir in the science world. While some say the whales’ behavior can be coordinated, others aren’t convinced it’s indicative of killer instincts.

A theory advanced by a Portuguese biologist suggests that the aggression started from a female killer whale that perhaps was hit by a boat, a traumatic experience that led her to start hitting sailing vessels. Other orcas may have acquired this behavior.

Monika Wieland Shields, director of the Orca Behavior Institute, says that orcas “certainly have had reason” to engage in aggressive behavior toward humans in the past, but historically have not. Instead, she believes the recent orca attacks are more of a “fad”.

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Bud Light beer sales are…

still falling, reflecting the continued backlash to the brand’s decision to hire transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson. Sales for the week ended May 13 were down 28.4% and 27.7% the week before, according to data. Given the wide variety of alternative options, it’s easy for beer drinkers to switch to a different brand, said one expert, who admitted, “No one thought it would last this long.”

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Debt ceiling: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said yesterday that a deal to avoid defaulting on the debt limit “has not arrived yet.” with negotiations stalled on federal spending levels.

Trump investigations: The New York criminal trial for the case against Donald Trump involving silence payments will start in March 2024halfway through the presidential primaries.

Classified documents: Donald Trump Lawyers asked for a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland as a Justice Department investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents shows signs of weakening.

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The concrete problem of San Francisco

Living in San Francisco, I’m used to seeing beautiful old Art Deco buildings from the city’s heyday: hotels, office buildings, monuments, and more. So when I read in the local media that there was a citywide list of thousands of concrete buildings that could be at particularly high risk in an earthquake, I thought, “I need to see this list.” To my surprise, no one had published it, making it impossible for people to assess their risks on a day-to-day basis. I asked the city hall for a copy and, weeks later, here are my discoveries. —David Ingram, technology reporter

▼ In case you missed it

The New York Police Department is investigating another victim in connection with a robbery scheme primarily targeting men visiting gay bars.

A Florida man who lost his arm in an alligator attack ignore the loss: “Not the end of the world.”

Netflix crackdown on password sharing launched in the US Here’s what could happen if you use a shared account.

Yellowstone National Park Officials killed a newborn bison after a visitor helped him cross a river.

A man died in Alaska after becoming waist-deep in tidal mud flats and was submerged by a rising tide.

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