Everything We Know About Ron DeSantis’ Policies As The 2024 Campaign Launches

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis prepares to announce his official candidacy for the presidency of the United States, Americans are getting a taste of what the future could look like under DeSantis.

For months, DeSantis, 44, has been considered a possible favorite for the GOP nomination in the media because of his reputation for passing conservative legislation and comfortably re-electing to the governor’s mansion.

From passing a six-week abortion ban to eliminating concealed-carry licenses, DeSantis has proven he’s willing to pass controversial legislation on behalf of uniting the state under right-wing values.

And the governor of Florida seems to expect the same if he becomes president of the United States.

Here’s what Mr. DeSantis spoke about the future of the US and what he thinks of certain policies.

About abortions

Mr DeSantis is anti-abortion, believing “The right to life is the most fundamental of our God-given rights.”

In April, DeSantis quietly signed Senate Bill 300, known as the “Heartbeat Protection Act,” which prohibits abortions after six weeks of gestation, with exceptions to save a woman’s life, a fatal fetal abnormality or in case of rape or incest. as long as the woman can provide documentation, such as a police report.

The six-week ban will only take effect 30 days after the Florida Supreme Court rules on a challenge to the state’s current 15-week ban under House Bill 5, which DeSantis signed into law last year.

If SB 300 goes into effect, it would make Florida one of the most restrictive states for women to access reproductive health care, such as abortions.

At the Supreme Court

Speaking at the National Convention of Religious Broadcasters in May, DeSantis advocated for the Supreme Court to become more conservative, replacing moderate or left-wing judges with conservative jurists.

Citing Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito as “the gold standard of case law,” DeSantis said that going forward, the court should “become stronger” with the addition of two like-minded justices.

“It’s possible that in those eight years we’ll have the opportunity to strengthen Judges Alito and Thomas, as well as really make improvements with the others,” said DeSantis.

“If you were able to do that, you would have a 7-2 Conservative majority on the Supreme Court that would last a quarter of a century, so that’s a great thing.”

at gun control

DeSantis is against gun control, having received an A+, the highest rating, from the National Rifle Association (NRA)

“Ron DeSantis vigorously opposes the ban on guns, magazines and ammunition,” the NRA said.

In April, DeSantis signed House Bill 543 into law, eliminating the permit requirement to carry concealed weapons.

About LGBT+ rights

The Humans Right Campaign, one of the state’s largest LGBT+ rights groups, and Equality Florida issued a travel advisory to the LGBTQ+ community in May.

“While neither a general recommendation against travel nor a call for a boycott, the travel advisory describes the devastating impacts of laws that are hostile to the LGBTQ community, restrict access to reproductive health care, repeal gun safety policies, encourage racial prejudice and attack public education by banning books and censoring the curriculum so potential travelers or residents can make the best decisions for themselves and their families,” the press release said.

One of DeSantis’ most controversial pieces of legislation, House Bill 1557, involves restricting LGBT+ rights in education.

The legislation, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, prohibits classroom education or instruction involving gender identity or sexual orientation.

DeSantis also signed legislation banning transgender people from using public facilities in line with their gender identity and legislation banning children from attending “live adult performance” such as drag shows.

About Covid restrictions

The Florida governor first made headlines during the pandemic when he emerged as a leader who vehemently opposed Covid-19 protocols such as mask mandates, social distancing and vaccine requirements.

“Federal vaccine mandates and restrictions were never about protecting Americans from a virus, they were exerting control at the expense of the American economy and the American way of life,” DeSantis said in a press release.

DeSantis has received sharp criticism from the public for refusing to implement restrictions that are proven to stop the spread of the virus.

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