Emirates Airlines launches first class spin on new premium economy class

Emirates Airlines has created a new premium economy class of service with first class and business class touches, a category so impressive it broadens the definition of “economy”. This new class of service fits more perfectly as a typical business class on most other airlines – or at least “business light”, if that were a category, for this or any other airline.

The new aesthetic design of the Emirates premium economy class is lifted straight from the First and Business playbook, with tone-on-tone neutral tones and the unique gold ghaf tree motif making it look much more like what you would expect in Business Class or in first class. above the economy. The spacious cream armchairs are made of leather (as is the case with the first and executive) and have support for feet and legs, creating a cradle effect, larger and softer pillows, a wider screen for watching movies and television and Much more overall space to recline comfortably on long trips. As with First and Business Class, there is separate check-in for Premium Economy customers at most airports and an exclusive menu, including Emirates Chandon Vintage Brut sparkling wine, available only to Premium Economy customers.

The premium economy is a more affordable option compared to the first or executive. At the time of publication, Emirates.com listed the cost of a round-trip premium economy seat from JFK to Dubai (Saturday, July 1 to Saturday, July 8) at $3,298. Compare that to a first class ticket available on the same flights for $21,574.00, business for $8,314.75 and an economy ticket for $1,882.75. The price of premium economy is a fraction of first class and more than half the price of business class, with many of the same amenities. Would a first or business class customer be comfortable in premium economy? In an interview onboard a newly refurbished A380, Essa Sulaiman, vice president of Emirates’ US and Canada division, thinks the answer is yes. “The experience will have a big impact on regular economy customers looking to upgrade, but anyone traveling first or on business would notice there’s a difference but wouldn’t mind the difference because it would feel familiar.”

More than just an airline brand, Emirates is known as a lifestyle brand. The airline’s many sponsorship activations evoke an association with high-profile cultural activities: symphony orchestras in Sydney and San Francisco, jazz and literature festivals in Dubai, world sailing and cycling teams, and major tennis and golf tournaments.

All passengers flying with Emirates benefit from the award-winning ICE entertainment system in all cabins with 5,000 channels and movie selections. Emirates’ subscription service is good for catering to more than just jet-set adults; their crews love children, notes Sulaiman. “We have special gifts and stuffed animals that we give to children, and you’ll find our staff with a Polaroid camera taking pictures with children,” he said. “It’s all about the experience.” That special drive and attention to customer detail can be felt no matter what class of service you’re flying, and that’s what makes Emirates special.

Emirates’ new premium economy is now available on its A380 with service from JFK and SFO to Dubai. Additional flights from Dubai to Houston and Los Angeles are scheduled to be introduced in July.

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