A horror legend voicing Venom in ‘Spider-Man 2’ promises he will succeed where Sony’s movies have failed

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, while everyone loves Tom Hardy, his version of Marvel’s Venom isn’t exactly giving anyone’s heart flutters. In fact, he’s tameer than Topher Grace’s version of spiderman 3, which is not saying much. Sadly, we still haven’t found a portrayal of Venom that really fits as far as the terrifying nature of the character is concerned, which Marvel Comics has showcased time and time again. Arguably one of the best sources of Spider-Man accurate content would be Insomniac Games’ PlayStation exclusive in Spider manthe spinoff Spider-Man: Miles Moralesand the next sequence spiderman 2, all of which comprise an overarching spider-verse. And now, none other than Candyman himself will join the lineup as Eddie Brock aka Venom.

In recent years, the video game franchise has garnered considerable praise and a loyal following, mostly due to its multifaceted gameplay, mind-bending character designs, and general connection to the broader Spider-Man lore. If you remember the first Spider man game, most of the voice cast were outsiders to the Marvel fandom, but were well known outside of their respective roles. For example, Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Peter Parker, also voiced Ben Tennyson on the popular children’s show Ben 10. Likewise, Laura Bailey, who we now know as the voice of Abby Anderson in The Last of Us: Part II (released two years afterSpider man), found her footing in the voice acting world with the role of Mary Jane Watson.

But for all the famous faces mixed with the Spider man cast, we’ve yet to see a living horror legend join the fray. Hint: Tony Todd, the original Candyman. Launched in 1992, candyman follows graduate student Helen Lyle as she befriends Anne-Marie McCoy while researching the urban legend of the hook-wielding figure known as the Candyman who supposedly “haunts” Chicago’s Near North Side. Real name Daniel Robitaille, the Candyman is the restless, murderous ghost of an African-American artist and son of an enslaved man. He was murdered in the late 19th century due to his relationship with the daughter of a wealthy white man.

We’ve seen him slay (literally) as Candyman, so there’s no doubt that Todd can deliver in front of Venom, especially since the two supervillains aren’t all that different. Both were wronged by their community and sought revenge as a result.

As we know, Candyman was followed by two sequels, Candyman: Farewell to Meat (1995) and Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999), as well as a direct sequel (considered a remake) of the same name in 2021.

We won’t see Todd in action until the fall of 2023, when spiderman 2 releases on PlayStation 5.

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